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General rules of the school

Arrival times

1.1All learners must be in school by 7.30 each day.

1.2Punctuality is a pre-requiste to building sound educational values and preparing learners for the world of work.

1.3School gates will be locked at 7.40 each day. This is in terms of the safety and security. Regulations imposed by the ministers of Education and Safety and Security.

1.4Learners arriving after 7.40 will be marked absent for the day but are expected to remain at school for the entire day.



2.1 Under no circumstances must learners stay away from school for trivial            reasons.

2.2 If a child has to stay away for any valid reason you are required to send a note to the formteacher upon the return of school.

2.3 If a learner has to stay away for 3 days or more a doctors certificate is required.

2.4 If the learner stays away for 10 consecutive days without valid reasons or failure on the part of the parent to notify the school, that child will be removed from register and the department of Social Welfare and SAPS will be informed to take appropriate action against the parent.

2.5 In the case of infectious diseases such as measles, chicken pox, scabies, nits and live, conjunctivitis etc. you must inform the school immediately and indicate how long the learner is going to be away.


Leave Taking

3.1 No leave will be granted to any learner before 10.00 unless it is an emergency.

3.2 Requests for early leave must be done in writing.

3.3 Leave will only be granted if the parent, legal guardian or care-giver calls at the school to fetch the learner.

3.4 Leave taking is a privilege and not a right.


Visits to the School

4.1 All parents must report to the office and obtain an authorization letter before proceeding to the block. The security company has the right to arrest any person not authorized to be on the premises at any given time.

4.2 Meetings with educators should be set for after 12.30. MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS ONLY

4.3 Meetings with the principal must be pre-arranged and preferably after 13.00.

4.4 On arrival at the office, kindly be seated and wait to be attended to.

4.5 Remember very urgent matters will always be given priority.


Telephonic Communication

5.1 All telephonic communication must be done with the admin clerk or a person designated to perform such duty.

5.2 Telephonic communication must be done during offical school hours only. However in the event of an emergency after school hours you are able to communicate with the principal on 083 443 2179


Walking your Child to Class

6.1 From Monday the 27th January 2014 parents are expected to walk with their children to the classroom.

6.2 Learners must be left at the school gate and must be encouraged to walk alone. Initially you may observe if the learner is able to perform this skill without your support. The faster the child begins to function independently, the faster can formal teaching and learning can start. Please do not be a hindrance to your child’s growth and development.

6.3 In the afternoons the learner will be brought to the respective gates by the volunteers. You are required to wait outside the school gate to receive the child. Here too we will be observing the learner to evaluate progress in development and growth.

6.4 No parent must carry a learners bag. The child has to develop his/her muscles. You have already developed yours. Give your child a chance to learn to survive and grow independently.