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Code of Conduct



The Sterngrove Primary School CODE OF CONDUCT is committed to a disciplined and purposeful teaching
and learning environment that encourages the creative potential of all our learners, whilst upholding the
principles of loyalty and pride in our school through the sharing of ideals, values and beliefs, inculcation
of honour, dignity, integrity, self esteem, self discipline, respect, tolerance and compassion. We trust that
all stakeholders will abide by this CODE OF CONDUCT.




The purpose of this CODE OF CONDUCT is to:
2.1. uphold and fulfil our motto of “GROW AND SEEK”,
2.2. maintain a school environment that ensures a culture of teaching
and learning ;
2.3. promote self discipline by guiding the behavior of learners; and
2.4. regulate the conduct of learners through communication channels
and grievance procedures.




The following school rules shall be binding on all our learners without any prejudice. Any unauthorized
deviation therefrom or failure to comply with shall be construed as a misdemeanor and/or an act of
misconduct and shall be punishable according to the provisions laid down in this CODE OF CONDUCT.




3.1.1. Learners should respect themselves, fellow learners, educators, non educators, visitors, the school
and its property
3.1.2. The use of ‘vulgar’ words, ‘slangs’ and inappropriate speech (as determined by the disciplinary
committee) shall not be permitted.
3.1.3 Unauthorised running, screaming, shouting and/or all forms of rough play shall not be permitted.
3.1.4 The dropping of litter anywhere on the school premises is prohibited.
3.1.5. Aggressive behavior, verbal and physical abuse (that is teasing, mocking, taunting, threatening,
bullying, arguing, fighting) will not be tolerated.
3.1.6. The carrying of dangerous weapons, prohibited substances (such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes)
and pornographic material is not allowed.
3.1.7. Use of toilets – Don’t put foreign objects in the toilet pans.
3.1.8. No tape recorders, radios, cellular phones, electronic games or toys may be brought to school unless
prior permission has been granted by an educator.
3.1.9 In all their movements on the verandahs, along the covered and uncovered walks and on the
stairways, learners are to keep to their left. Failure of compliance which results in an injury shall be
regarded as a punishable offence.
3.1.10. Chewing gum is not allowed. No swinging on railings/catwalk frames.




3.2.1. Learners are not to enter the classroom during the breaks, in the mornings and in the afternoon,
unless an educator is present.
3.2.2. Learners must obtain the permission of an educator before leaving the classroom.
3.2.3. Chewing gum and eating during instruction time is not permitted.
3.2.4. Movements to and from the classroom must be orderly.
3.2.5. Learners are to be on their best behavior during change of periods and in the absence of an
educator in the classroom.
3.2.6. Respect all relief parents.




3.3.1. Full school uniform must be worn at all times in school, between school and home and at all
formal school functions of the school.

Black short pants/long pants White Golfers
White Golfers Black Skirts
Black school shoes Black socks
Black jersey Black school shoes
Black socks Black jersey
Track suits (Winter) Track suits (Winter)

White T- Shirt and Shorts

3.3.2 The wearing of bangles, necklaces and other jewellery, with the exception of stud earrings and
wrist watches, are not permitted.
3.3.3. The use of make-up and nail polish is not permitted unless authorized to do so by an educator.
3.3.4 The hair must be well groomed and free of nits and lice at all times. The boys’ hair must be short
to the extent that it does not touch the ears. Girls with long hair must have it plaited with either white
or black ribbons. Girls with short hair must ensure that it does not fall over their eyes. The wearing of
plain black alice-bands will be permitted. Spiked hair that is overgrown is not allowed.
3.3.5. Basic black or white takkies will be permitted.
3.3.6. The wearing of coloured jerseys and/or jackets is not permitted.




3.4.1. Al learners must attend the school assembly.
3.4.2. Silence must be maintained throughout the assembly and pupils must heed to the announcements
3.4.3. Learners must move promptly to the assembly area and to assemble in a single file in their class
3.4.4. Movement to and from the assembly area must be brisk and orderly.




3.5.1. Regular attendance is compulsory.
3.5.2. Upon return at school all absentees must produce a letter of absence signed by the parent/guardian.
For any absence greater than 3 days, a medical certificate must be produced.
3.5.3. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school of the learner’s absence.
3.5.4. The disciplinary committee reserves the right to take appropriate action against any learner playing
truant and bring the necessary charges against any parent or guardian who wilfully and/or
deliberately causes his/her child/ward to stay away from school.
3.5.5. The school shall be timeously notified of any illness or contagious disease contracted by any learners.




3.6.1. Leave will only be granted upon a written request signed by a parent/guardian and if necessary
arrangements have been made to fetch the learner from school.
3.6.2. Telephonic and other verbal requests shall be considered subject to the same provision laid down in
Clause 3.6.1.
3.6.3. Learners found absconding or who leave the school premises without the proper authority to do so
shall be punished according to the provisions contained in this CODE OF CONDUCT.
3.6.4. Learners who take leave before 10:00 am will be marked absent.




3.7.1. School begins at 07h40 and terminates at 14h00 for senior primary and at 13h30 for Grades 1, 2, 3.
3.7.2. No learner may leave the school premises between the time of entry and the time of closure without
the permission of the school management.
3.7.3. No learner is to be found loitering on the school premises after dismissal.
3.7.4. All late comers must report to the office first before proceeding to the classrooms.




3.8.1. All visitors to the school must first report to the office and seek written permission in order to visit
an educator or learner. This will be done from 12h30 to 14h00.
3.8.2. Pupils being transported by private vehicles must be dropped off at the Cardgrove or Viewhaven Drive
entrances. If parents/guardians choose to drop off pupils in Sterngrove Avenue, then these pupils
must be dropped off in the parking lot opposite the school and the pupil will then use the scholar patrol
crossing to get to school.
3.8.3. No parent/guardian is to park in front of the school gate or scholar patrol.




3.9.1. All textbooks and stationery must be covered and well cared for. Any textbook that is damaged
or defaced must be replaced.
3.9.2. All textbooks and/or library books issued on loan to the learner must be returned on or before
the date stipulated by the management committee. Failure to do so could result in no books being
issued to the learner the following year.




3.10.1. The school property must be respected and cared for at all times.
3.10.2. Learners must not write/scribble/draw on any wall, furniture or books.
3.10.3. No tree, shrub or flower is to be interefered with and/or damaged.
3.10.4. Learners must NOT lean against, climb or swing on any gate and the school fences.




To ensure the safety of all learners the following areas will be out of bounds unless learner is under
supervision of an educator.

3.11.1. The car park.
3.11.2. The area behind the senior primary block, prefabs, and the junior primary block.
3.11.3. All embankments.
3.11.4. The Driveway




No notices, posters or advertisements shall be displayed by any learners on the school premises
without the approval of the office.




Learners are responsible for the loss or damage to any item of value brought onto the school




3.14.1. Parents and Guardians are to monitor the progress of their child/ward closely and to sign the
progress cards and/or other documents as required by the school.
3.14.2. All learners will be given homework, assignments and projects to complete as part of their continuous
assessment programme of the year. Any failure of compliance shall be regarded as a misdemeanor
and subjected to the provisions for sanctions contained herein.
3.14.3. Learners absent for long periods must make every effort to catch up on the work missed.




All learners must pay the school fees as laid down by the General Meeting Of Parents.
The Governing body shall hold the parent/guardian liable for the non-payment of fees.




For the purpose of correcting deviant and/or delinquent behavior, the following sanctions shall be

A) Verbal Warning
B) Detention
C) Additional Homework
D) Confiscation With Warning
E) Exclusion from extra and co-curricular activities
F) Community Services
F1) Picking Up Litter
F2) Cleaning Classroom, Toilets Etc.
F3) Removing Writing From Walls
F4) Sweeping Classrooms/Verandahs
G) Call in Parents
H) Refer for counselling
I) Written Warning
J) Refer to Disciplinary Committee/Tribunal